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  1. What do Business users pay?
    It only costs you Rs.5 to quote for a job.Your quote fee is refunded if you don't win the job.

    A 2% commission is charged if you win the job.
    Commission is based on the total value of the quote.

  2. How many membership types are there for Business users?
    There are three membership types - Basic, Premium and Ultimate. Create a basic "Business User" account and then browse to the members area to learn more about the membership types.

  3. I am a business, how do i get registered with TMB?
    Go to terimeriboli.com/register and register as a "Business Registration"
  4. I am a service seeker, how do i get registered with TMB?
    Go to terimeriboli.com/register and register as a "User Registration"
  5. I am a service seeker, how much do I pay on TMB?
    It doesn't cost you anything to post a job and get quotes on it. Business pay a fee to win your job.
  6. What is TMB Basic Membership?
    TMB Basic Membership is a free membership where you can access the website but are restricted in taking advantage of all the benefits and features which TMB has to offer. Do check our Premium and Ultimate Membership Plans and how it can be beneficial for your business.
  7. What is TMB Premium Membership?
    TMB Premium Membership is a paid membership. Please check the Membership Plan section to see the benefits it offers to the business.
  8. What is TMB Ultimate Membership?
    TMB Ultimate Membership is a paid membership. Please check the Membership Plan section to see the benefits it offers to the business.
  9. What is TMB Tadka Points ?
    For every 10 lakh worth of work done, TMB shall give you 20,000 points (worth Rs.20,000). For every commission after this 10 lakh, TMB Tadka points shall be used to pay 50% of your commission till they are used up. So you pay half price commission after 10 lakh worth of work for the next 10 lakh worth of work. Once all points are used up, Tadka counter resets and starts counting for the next 10 lakh worth of work.
  10. What is TMB Wallet ?
    TMB Wallet is where the business user can depoist the money which can be used by them to bid and pay the commission.
  11. Can I leave the feedback of the customers ?
    On your dashboard there is a Feedback section on your left hand side. Please leave the feedback of the customer.
  12. What is the minimum and maximum amount I can fund in my TMB wallet?
    Minimum amount to be funded is 500 rupees and the maximum can be 1cr.
  13. Can I take out the funds from my TMB wallet?
    Yes you can withdraw funds from your TMB wallet if you want to.
  14. Can I increase or decrease the bid amount after I have made the bid?
    Yes you can. Go to Current job on the dashboard and click Manage and Raise the ticket.
  15. How can I change my password ?
    Go to my profile and than to account settings and to your left hand side there is Change password.
  16. If my bid is not accepted do I get my 5 rupees back?
    Yes. You get your bid amount back.
  17. Forgot password?
    Please raise a ticket https://www.terimeriboli.com/osticket
  18. Where can I find Inbox messages?
    Inbox messages can be found in the Notification and you can also access it on the top right hand corner where a envelope symbol is made.
  19. Where can I see my profile?
    On the top right hand corner on your name there is drop down arrow click there and you will find your profile.
  20. How can I change my account Information?
    Go to Account setting and you will find  Account Information and you can change the details over there.
  21. What is a Coverage Area and how can I set a Coverage Area for my business?
    It is the area of  distance you want to provide your services. In our Account settings there is a Set Coverage Section on your left hand side please read the instructions carefully and set your coverage area.
  22. How much commission TMB charges if my bid gets selected?
    TMB charges 2% of the job value as commission if your bid get selected.
  23. How can I update, Increase, decrease or cancel my bid?
    Go to Current Jobs on your dashboard click on manage button and you will have to click on Raise Ticket ( please read the instructions over there).
  24. How can I send the message to the job poster ?
    Go to the "Notification" section.
  25. How can I print the receipts ?
    There is an Invoice button which indicates you can print or copy it in pdf. 
  26. What happens if the job taken is delayed?
    If it is okay with the service seeker (customer) you are dealing with than TMB has no issue.
  27. What happens if the job taken is not completed?
    Will depend on the reason why it’s not completed.
  28. How can I contact TMB Administrator?
    Please raise a ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  29. Can I put our business article on TMB Blog?
    Basic Member can only view the blog while Premium and Ultimate member can post the article about their business on TMB blog.
  30. Where can I see the Membership Plans?
    In the Account settings it is on the left hand side.
  31. If I have more than 3 businesses how can I register them at TMB ?
    Please raise the ticket and we will help you.